Elbe Day

Already 70 years ago, on the 25th of April 1945 US American and Soviet army units joined together on the destroyed bridge over the river Elbe. The photograph of the meaningful handshake made its way around the world and became a symbol of the near end of World War II. Still today it represents a peaceful coexistence between peoples and states.

To maintain this condition seems according to the current tense, political situation more important than ever. All too often we forget the hard times of fighting for and building up democracy and that war could never be a solution.

The ELBE DAY in Torgau, which will be celebrated this year from 24th to 26th of April, reminds us every year of the encounter of the Allies in April 1945. Nations from East and West will meet in the city on the Elbe to remember the events that occurred 70 years ago and to set a mark of international understanding.

Of course – music is an essential part of the ELBE DAY. National and international musicians on three stages will perform Dixieland, Swing, Jazz, Blues and Rock and let the city dance. On Saturday main highlights are the memorial event and the reenactment of the historical encounter of the Allies as well as the laser show plus a grand display of fireworks at night. The ELBE DAY offers diverse events such as a church festival service, readings, exhibitions, panel discussions and many activities for children and represents an outstanding festival of encounter.

For more information: www.elbeday.de

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