Chronological Table
 around 973 trading location was founded near Torgau
 1442/82 several fires destroyed large parts of the town
 1485 construction began on Hartenfels Castle (until 1623)
 1519 first sermon in German language 
 1524 first Protestant church hymn book
 1525 Torgau Alliance
 1530 Torgau Articles
 1532 Torgau became main residence of the Saxon electorate
 1534 publishing of first bible in German language
 1542 procession of the warriors
 1544 Luther established the Castle Chapel - first new protestant church building
 1547 battle near Muehlberg
 1551 Torgau Electors Alliance
 1555 Religious Peace of Augsburg
 1760 battle at the Sueptitz Heights
 1811 Napoleon conquered Torgau and let the town be build into a fortress
 1815 After the Congress of Vienna Torgau was under Prussian rule
 after 1815 Torgau became administrative centre of the Prussian controlled province Saxony
 End of 19th century time of Torgau being a fortress was over, beginning of industrialization in Torgau
 1945  April 25: Soviet and US-American soldiers met in Torgau

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