The Castle Church - the first protestant church building

Carrying  the Lord’s word  to the common people was the crucial point of Luther’s idea - and it is just that, what is expressed in the architecture of the castle church. The pulpit is placed in the centre; the altar in its table-like shape reminds of Jesus’ supper with his disciples; there is room for loads of people on the galleries from where they can listen to the sermon. The organ is positioned above the altar. This happened on purpose, for it symbolizes music being part of the religious message. Lucas Cranach provided the sketch for the illustration, that can now be seen on the pulpit. He painted nine tables which all, except for one, are lost. It was Johann Walter, a close friend and musical adviser Luther’s, who composed the music and who also brought the protestant church music into being. His work is still kept alive through concerts of the Johann Walter Choir and special weeks of protestant church music in Torgau every year. In 1994 - as a contribution to the 450th anniversary of the church - a new organ, particularly related to the time of the Renaissance, was placed in the church and resounds the place since then.

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