Torgau information

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Torgau – a town of reformation and Renaissance.
The famous homeopath, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, wrote the distinctive parts of his work here. Luther, Napoleon, Friedrich II of Prussia and Czar Peter I. were in Torgau.
A significant castle at the bank of the river Elbe, living brown bears down in the castle moat, the Loebner Company, as the oldest toy shop of Germany, precious china of the brand Villeroy & Boch, knights in armour, about 500 historical monuments from the Renaissance, late Gothic and Baroque as well as the ever-present historical atmosphere are worth a trip to Torgau. But that is still not all. Torgau and the villages lying around impress with their wonderful countryside.
The name of the town derived from the Old Slavic "Torgov” which means market place.
The first time Torgau was mentioned by document, was in 973.
Torgau, which lies on a porphyry rock developed into a considerable town until 1267.
In 1544 Luther established the castle chapel as the first protestant new building of a church. Around 1811, Torgau had been extended to a giant star-shaped fortress by Napoleon. In these days Torgau is a modern town with a historical core.